Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kids say the darndest...

Llama: (kvetchy) Want Mommy! MOMMY! No Bubbie!
Me: Shulamis, when you say 'no Bubbie' it's not nice, it hurts her feelings.
Llama: (sweet, docile, gentle voice) Please no Bubbie?


Sroch: Bubbie, what did you do?
Bubbie: I sewed and fixed one of your shirts, and one of Mommy's shirts, and Abba's bekashe.
Sroch: What did you do of yours?
Bubbie: Nothing. I didn't have anything that needs fixing.
Sroch: Yes you do.
Bubbie: I do? What is it that needs fixing?
Sroch: Your hat. You need more threads on it, because it's not covering all of your hair.


Mommy: Llamush, are you a big girl or a baby?
Llama: Lamis BIG girl! Not baby!
Mommy: Right! Does Llama want to make on the toilet like a big girl?
Llama: I not big. I little.


Monday, April 04, 2011


Insert blog post about Purim and Sroch's 5th (5th!!!) birthday HERE.


In my free time.

Did you know we're making Pesach this year?!?! Have you BEEN in my
house, recently licensed by General Mills as the official Cheerio (TM)
Theme Park?