Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kids say the darndest...

Llama: (kvetchy) Want Mommy! MOMMY! No Bubbie!
Me: Shulamis, when you say 'no Bubbie' it's not nice, it hurts her feelings.
Llama: (sweet, docile, gentle voice) Please no Bubbie?


Sroch: Bubbie, what did you do?
Bubbie: I sewed and fixed one of your shirts, and one of Mommy's shirts, and Abba's bekashe.
Sroch: What did you do of yours?
Bubbie: Nothing. I didn't have anything that needs fixing.
Sroch: Yes you do.
Bubbie: I do? What is it that needs fixing?
Sroch: Your hat. You need more threads on it, because it's not covering all of your hair.


Mommy: Llamush, are you a big girl or a baby?
Llama: Lamis BIG girl! Not baby!
Mommy: Right! Does Llama want to make on the toilet like a big girl?
Llama: I not big. I little.



rebekita31 said...

priceless! enjoy the fam!

rugby said...

YUM! That's all I have to say.
Goodness, I miss them.

Brie said...

awesome! my favorite is sroch's hat line