Monday, April 04, 2011


Insert blog post about Purim and Sroch's 5th (5th!!!) birthday HERE.


In my free time.

Did you know we're making Pesach this year?!?! Have you BEEN in my
house, recently licensed by General Mills as the official Cheerio (TM)
Theme Park?


Zayde said...

Oh, yeah??!!!

I'll just come over there...don't try to stop me...and see for myself!


Zayde is only a week away!!

Mordechai Y. Scher said...

You're making Pesah? And Zayde is coming? Cool! Maybe we should come too (we'll be around the corner...).

Santa Fe lurker

rugby said...

Wait, what?! Pesach is coming???
Does General Mills want to purchase Life cereal land too? I just found some in the box of winter stuff.

Miss you all!

brenda said...

One of my children's play dates was wandering around my house with a bag of cheerios in one hand - I freaked out! not like I don't have enough of them all over anyway due to the twin tornadoes.