Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lag Baomer

This was taken after the big old shul fire had mostly died down, somewhere around 11 PM or so.

Note the people pouring oil into the fire drum in the background. The shul actually was selling bottles as a fundraiser. Or something. It was nice - the music and the singers and the contained fire and the free ice pops for the kiddos and there were even chairs for tired parents to sit in.

A miracle.

Other pictures:

Yes, that's the back of my building in the background. Yes our windows were as tightly closed as possible and - guess what - it wasn't tight enough. But by morning I no longer smelled charred debris in my living room.

Today, the girlies went off to Yeladudis, and I went to... work. Oh well.

Oh, and B"H Llama had strep (yay! an actual diagnosis!) so she's on antibiotics and a whole lotta better, which is such a blessing, because she had gotten to the point where she was spitting out oral acetaminophen and screeching in horror for non-oral acetaminophen (ditto ibuprofen) so I was just letting her (low) fever go untreated - but she LIKES the nasty bubble gum medicine, so all's well. My kind of illness.

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