Friday, May 06, 2011

More on Purim

On Purim itself, there was an oddness. It may have been... maturity. Well, what else could you call it, if I found myself on Purim afternoon with several hours to do... nothing?

We hosted the seuda at our house, but everything was done. The shaloch manos had been efficiently delivered in the morning. Llama was sleeping - Sroch was getting a Purim treat of watching Rebbetzin Tap (the only video she watches outside of an airplane), megilla readings were done... and there was time to relax. Chill. Organize gobs of candy and baked goods.

And daven.

It was a good Purim, Baruch Hashem.

A neighbor put together a special little-children's-only megilla reading, one with lots of Hamans and not too much else, but something that gave the children a feel of the mitzva. That thoughtfully took place concurrent to our in-house reading, so the kids were out of the house. Remember two years ago when I had to nurse Llama in the middle of laining?

That was like 10 years ago.

Odd since Sroch is 5, but I digress.

Llama adamantly refused to wear the fancy Disney glittery kalla costume she had tried on so willingly a week before (that then had to be pried off of her), but fortunately she was perfectly happy with Sroch's old princess costume as Esther Hamalka. Sroch was just a princess, but didn't we know that already?

We ate outside in the backyard for the seuda, with the Weinrebs and Hollanders.

A wonderful time was had by all.

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Faye said...

The girls are getting so big, and BE"H are more beautiful every time I see a pic of them.