Sunday, May 08, 2011

My mature daughter

When I was 14 I campaigned my parents to let me become legally emancipated, move out and get my own apartment.

Why does this come to mind?

Sroch went to a friend's house for shaloshudas on shabbos. Her mother just emailed me this:

"SR said you are going to Mexico (just you and Yoav not the kids) on Monday.
She didn't know when you are coming back, so she mentioned something about moving in indefinitely."

Where do they get this stuff?


Mordechai Y. Scher said...

She probably meant 'New Mexico'. We've been wondering when you might arrive, incoherently mumbling at our door, seeking anonymous shelter. Actually, your kids seemed very sweet when we were there. I don't expect to see your running down the street screaming any time soon. Well, at least not because you finally lost it. ;-)

Mordechai Y. Scher said...

Oy! If your parents had let you do that, then your teachers might have had to look out for you! Oy! ;-)