Friday, May 06, 2011

Purim cards

This year, instead of a poem, our shalach manos had cards inspired, inevitably, by a Filth Wizardy card project. I dressed the girlies in costume-type accessories and went to photograph them with a neighbor's white broomstick.

A little high-tech work with good old Microsoft Paint (I would be nothing without it) and voila, adorable children holding massive lollypops (which then themselves were part of the shaloch manos). Cute as little buttons, and collectible too - trade with your friends! They each gave out ones with themselves alone, and our 'family' ones were with the two of them together.

More about Purim to be posted another time, possibly, before Chanuka next. :)

(Oh, and nefariously, I COULD have changed the date on this post so it looks like I put it up right after Purim, and not now on the 17th day of the omer. But that would be Wrong.)

(And there's only like three of you reading anyway)


Anonymous said...

Well count me as one of the three and thank you for the wonderful pics you are so to you all Mom L

Gabriella said...

Okay, cutness and adorable and delicious, KI"H, don't even begin to describe! They got way bigger and cuter in the last two months! Shaloch manos was genius and I wish I would have stayed through Purim. Oh well, duty calls.
Miss you guys!

brenda said...

SO cute and creative.