Thursday, July 21, 2011

6 hours of driving...

6 hours of driving
400 kilometers
1/2 a tank of gas (ooh, good mileage!)
2.5 energy drinks (for me, not the kids)
7 pieces of string cheese
10 soy hot dogs
1 package smiley cookies
(assorted shabbos treats)
9.5 times listening to Uncle Moishy Volume 3
8 "why aren't we there yet"s from Sroch
4 "I want to go home! Want go Beit Shemesh!" from Llama
2 "don't want Beit Shemesh!" from Llama (upon return)
1 fall-and-topple-over-a-chair-in-the-Ari-shul-in-the-middle-of-shemone-esrei-and-cry-hysterically incident

...all equaled a lovely shabbos in Tzfat, where we went to join Yoav who was there with camp.

Sroch on the way out, "Mommy, we can't leave Tzfat*!" Why, Sroch? "Because it's just too beautiful!"

*For most of the trip she kept calling it Bnei Brak. I'm pretty sure she knew the difference. Pretty sure.

So maybe neither girl slept as much in the car as she should have. Nu nu.

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Anonymous said...

You and the girls are beautiful. Love Mom