Friday, July 29, 2011

Liveblog of Potty Day (TM)

8:40 AM: We are naked with underwear, and have happily flushed about 12 tissues down the toilet. We have yet to actually do anything that would require flushing, however.

Aside: this process is much harder when the subject is so hoarse I can't understand anything she's saying.

8:49: bad parenting to the rescue! We're going to watch a video!

9:36: Um, don't you have to go yet?
10:08: like seriously kid... and stop crying because we turned off Elmo!

12:38 PM: I don't believe this. She still hasn't 'made' anything, in or out of the potty. Isn't there a statute of limitations on a two year old's bladder?

1:15: Sroch is home, and she decides to take Llama to the bathroom with her. So away they go and then I hear Sroch's "Oh!!!!!". I sprint, Llama is standing a foot from her potty and starting to sob. I thrust her onto the potty, and she stays there, crying throughout.


Anyway, we get cleaned up and she helps clean up too, very nicely. Clean underwear, okay, we're back in the game.

1:45: Llama starts crying that she wants her diaper and she wants to be little. I ask her if she needs to go to the bathroom, anything - nothing, nothing, only semi-hysterical open mouthed sobbing (remember, she's hoarse, I can hardly understand her when she talks and she's pretty much opting not to talk). She's beside herself, and I realize... perhaps this is not going to work by force.

1:50: in a diaper, which (I know you're all suspecting) she does NOT then immediately fill. I make her pack away all of her adorable undies that she picked out herself, and summon my full parenting wisdom and manage to say in a smiling, encouraging way that I know when SHE is ready to wear them, she'll let me know. Smile, beam, smile, turn away and mutter grumbly things.

Llama goes over to the gold chair to lie down. I ask if she wants to go to sleep - No, don't want to take a nap! Okay, fine.

2:11: Fast asleep. Huh. I guess it was a stressful morning.

Shoot. Now what?


brenda said...

This does not sound like fun. :( How about putting diaper on over the undies so that she has a chance to feel the undies on her skin, but still has the security of the diaper on if there is an accident.

Miriam the Mommy said...

Ooh, I always thought about doing that but wasn't sure if it would be helpful. Did you try it??

brenda said...

We didn't need that particular trick with Yaeli. She pretty much did it herself. But in the beginning I tried to do it at least at night. She wanted nothing to do with the diaper. It has worked for some other friends of mine. Gives Llama courage and teaches her what the undies feel like.