Monday, July 04, 2011


I never blogged about the tick on Llama's ear, or the nasty blood-tinged mess that came out of the opposite ear a week later (alas, ear wax - um, literally).

I never blogged about Sroch's ballet recital.

I never blogged about Llama's slow transition to wanting to be 'big' and not 'little', so far culminating in her having slept one night in the Little Bed (as opposed to Tall Bed (Sroch's) or Cribby) and many, many random stalling trips to 'make' that have not once yet resulted in actual production of bodily fluids on the receptacle.

I never blogged about Sroch's end of the year party.

I never blogged about how Llama refuses to wear short-sleeves, pants, short skirts and wants only socks that go "all the way," or tights, ideally. Sheesh! She's 2!

I never blogged about how both of my children have recently asked me if there's a baby inside my belly (ahem. I am not aware of any such developments, just to confirm, but harumph!) (I choose to believe it's due to everyone having a baby lately, and not my petite self).

I never blogged about Shavuos at Cheryl's house. I never blogged about my show. And shoot, I never got around to blogging Sroch's 5th birthday. Booger!

I never blogged about how we are like the worst parents in the world, in such denial that our baby will be 3 before we know it but when she's fussing and grumpy we go get her pacifier so as to calm her - and not because she asks for it, but because we think she's a baby! But she's not!

I never blogged about how my neighbor figured out why I cry at EVERY little thing - but that at least really deserves a blog post.

I never blogged this conversation:

Llama: Mommy!
Mommy: Yes Llama?
Llama: Not you Mommy, dis Mommy!
Sroch: Mommy, she keeps calling me mommy, and I don't like it!
Mommy: Maybe because that's because you always play with her pretending to be the mommy?
Sroch: Well now I don't like it.
Mommy: So tell her.
Sroch: Fine. Llamis? Srochel doesn't want to be the mommy. Please don't call me mommy anymore, okay?
Llama: You mommy!
Sroch: MOMMY!
Mommy: (collapses in laughter)

And I never posted any of these adorable pictures. How silly of me.


rugby said...

SO cute!

Zayde said...

Oh, Silly MOMMY!

Keep posting, and keep posting. (Did I remember to remind you to keep posting?)

Thanks for posting!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the up date and the pics the girls are just beautiful. Love Mom