Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gan parties 2011, and our summer schedule

Well, oops, it's 24 hours before the first day of the 2011-12 school year - so maybe I should give you pictures of the gan parties from LAST year!


We're trying something new, so please follow this LINK to see the pictures I put on Facebook already. I tested it, you don't need to join FB or even be my 'friend' (gevalt) to see them.

I will sum up the parties for you:

  • Sroch does a long series of songs and 'tnuot' (movements) that are loosely tied together by a common theme (bought from the catalog of Themes for Gan Parties (TM)) featuring the different parts of the day. My favorite was the song on the theme of, "the other girl's sandwich always looks better than mine, but I'm going to eat mine anyway and not complain because my mommy made it for me with love." Good education gives me goosebumps.
  • Yes, I cried. Sroch was awesome.
  • Llama had a brachos-stations party theme, just like Sroch did at Morah Shoshana (shoot, never blogged that either, MAN!), with lots of running around and getting a necklace of salty snack thing at the Shehakol table, grape juice at the Hagafen table, play-doh carrot at the Adama table, orange stickers at the Haetz table, and braiding challah at the Hamotzi table.
  • I didn't cry. But Llama is total awesome. 

After gan ended, it was time for A Series of Fortunate Kaytanot (camps). Llama was at Morah Shoshi for most of it (every day, 9 AM (never got her there on time at 8) to 4 PM). Sroch was at Camp Kinderlach (she will happily recite about 10 hours of exported American cheers for you any time you like, and several you may not) (seriously though, it's a fantastic camp) for several weeks (every day, 9 AM to 3 PM). And now the two of them are together at Mrs. Lewin's Camp (TM) across the street, every day 8:45 AM to 1 PM. Thank God Yoav has been home in the afternoons these last couple of weeks.

I, of course, have been at Camp TalknSave, which is YOUR cell phone company in Israel, of course. We actually rock - I'm really proud to be working there.

It's now late Tuesday (um, shoot, early Wednesday). The girls IY"H start school on Thursday! Of course Llama may not have a classroom yet and there's still many rumors about whether or not they will have a tzaharon AT ALL but by golly gee it's going to be AMAZING!

God will work it out. He always does.

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