Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The poeticism of Llamushkanuna

Between the pacifier in her mouth and her, um, non-quiet older sister, Llama isn't always so so talkative. So every now and then when she comes up to me and expresses a complex thought in multiple coherent sentences, I'm like - huh? Aren't you a baby?


And she's so rational and coherent, that I can't even remember later to blog what wonderful rational coherent things she said, because it was just talking to a Person, and you don't blog People.


Although yesterday she did ask for a different purple towel. I told her I didn't have one, and this, verbatim, enunciated, is what my 2 year old said:

"So why don't you go to the towel store and give them money and buy a new purple towel?"

Who says Llamas only hum?

Anyway, two cute things, this week she had a candy (okay, like every day she has candy, but whatever) and she sucked it for a bit, then swallowed and said, "my candy flew away from my mouth!" And then yesterday, when we were in the stroller, she said, squintingly, complaining, "the sun is looking at me!!"


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