Thursday, September 01, 2011

Prayer of the first day of gan

May their hearts not sink when they walk in the door.

May they make friends, have friends, be friends.

May they eat their sandwiches.

May they get to the toilet on time. May they recall the use of toilet paper. 

May they keep their fingers out of door cracks, drains, nail-y boards from the construction, and the noses of all.

May the morahs learn their names, and their strengths.

May an alef look like an alef, and not backwards, upside down or wavy.

When (can I pray for if?) they have an accident, may they not feel shamed.

May these 'real school' steps - the first step for Llama, the third step for Srochel - into the world of learning be sure, steady and secure. And may they laugh, and sing, and dance.

 And eat the ENTIRE sandwich, darn it.


Anonymous said...

B'Hatzlacha indeed, love, Sabba and Savta

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