Monday, September 05, 2011

Sand: toy, food and litterbox

According to Yoav and Sroch, Llama didn't cry at drop off today - yay! - and only cried when it was time for her to leave the sandy play area (and incidentally, leave Sroch who was having recess at the same time).


Thinking question: Can you really call it recess when they are 2 years old, and their 'school work' involves Lego(TM)? Discuss.

Anyway, last Wednesday afternoon we went off to the beach, as our one-afternoon-long Official Summer Vacation. That way my children, who have been bounced from camp to kaytana to camp all summer, could feel like they had an actual Summer Vacation.

(True story: in the backseat on the way to beach, Sroch actually said: "This is our vacation? I can't wait to tell Rina and Elisheva I had a vacation!")

Thinking question: Does contributing to the Israeli economy as well as keeping the family solvent "excuse" the Druyan parents from allowing their children to experience boredom, sunburns and long lines that are normal Summer Vacation staples? Cite examples.

So off we went to Ashdod, planning on just not blogging about it if there were any missile attacks while we were there! Ha ha ha! Just kidding! Except we weren't kidding! Sigh. Long summer.

ANYWAY, I was worried, because the last time I took Sroch to the beach, she was miserable, it was miserable, all was misery, etc, etc. (BTW, how predictable am I that that post also has discussion questions? Egad, no new humor Druyan!)

BUT - this was awesome!

We found a deserted spot, and waded on in. The girlies both loved the sand, loved the water, loved it all, didn't want to leave, didn't complain about sand all over them or even their dinner (not that they ate it anyway), wanted to take home ALL the shells, etc, etc.

(At one point, Llama is standing in the water with Yoav, and she asks to walk in more. He does. She asks MORE - they go. Then she points to the tankers on the horizon and says, "let's go there.")

Yoav and I weren't dressed to swim, just to wade, which is good because the idea of taking my kids into water deeper than my knees where a big old wave (or shark - or missile - or gosh, I don't know, hostile seaweed) would have access to them, yeah, well, I'm not old enough yet.

(Another true story: friend of mine at work had her daughter in the sea with her in a little inner tube thing - and a wave came up suddenly and flipped over the tube with her like 3 year old in it. Heart palpitations just thinking about it. B"H, kid didn't slip out, but, yeah, way too scary for me. If we go swimming for real in the water, my children will be duct-taped to me.)

(Gorilla taped, actually.)

(Maybe surgically stitched. But I digress.)

So we had a great time, even practicing our alef-bais in the sand so Sroch also got her Official Summer Enrichment in there too. Man are we the awesomest parents around or what?

Thinking question: Or what?

A special shout out to Tali, who just left today after being an honorary Druyan for the last few weeks. Klita kalah and good luck madricha-ing, and I hope we remember how to wash dishes again!

Well, not really. You know.


Llama endeavored to empty the ocean, bucket by diligent bucket.  She must have made ten trips back and forth, chubby little feet pounding through the 15 feet of coarse sand back to our base camp. Way to go, Llama. You go girl.
We let them wade in about up to their waists. They would have kept going. We held very, very, very  tightly to those little hands.
Next time, they wear inflatable underwear.

And SPEAKING of underwear... poo poo poo!

Wait a second.  Did she mean that literally? What is with her anyway?

Seriously, Llama is really doing awesome with this whole undies big girl thing. She embraces the daily return to pajamas (pajama time = diaper time) but she's really doing very well at home and the first couple days of school. Over shabbos she was perfect except for one very memorable "gadol" accident at Mamma Nechy's house (if you know what I mean and I think you do!) - sorry about that Nech. Welcome to RBS! Ha ha!

Today was the first full day at gan (8 AM - 4 PM) and as we expected, she came home damp (of course, the dry two extra pair, extra skirt and extra socks were all still in the tik, so it's possible she didn't enpuddlize, but was a little tardy to toilet), but hey, we are On The Way.

Poo poo poo.

Which reminds me of the picture of our beach trip we failed to take, watching Yoav walk off into the sunset with a child, a spade, a plastic bag and some wipes - but some memories, perhaps, it's okay to release your tight grip upon.

Was that sentence even legal, grammatically? Discuss with examples and participles. No diphthongs, though - this was a family beach outing.

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