Friday, September 02, 2011

Spoke too soon

Yesterday on Facebook I linked to yesterday's blog post with the note, "I am crying, they are happy, all is at is it should be."

Spoke too soon.

When I left Llama there yesterday, she was sitting at a table and looking at toys, was perfectly fine, etc. When I went to pick her up, though, other mothers told me when they had dropped off their daughters, they had sat with and tried to comfort Llama, who was freaking out.

Oysh. Poor Llams.

I asked her then WHY she had been crying. "Because I wanted to!!" You were sad? "Yes." Why were you sad? "Because I wanted to be sad."


So today when I went to drop her off, not surprisingly, she had a freak attack as well, but she didn't wait for me to leave to begin it. In the end, the ganenet preferred that I not stay with her in the gan and try to settle her, but just to leave. So I took her outside with me for a couple minutes to calm her down (hah!) which she did - and then we went inside and let the morah pry her hysterical body off of mine.

It is hard to remember that Sroch also had to be pried off of me at times at the beginning of gan shalosh. But upon reflection, she did.

Llama will get there. She just seemed so little today, it was hard to feel confident in my choice to put her in Real Gan this year.

(PS: underwear is going well so far, bli ayin hara - although, much like gan, there's a bit of crying and kicking involved. Sigh.)

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