Monday, September 05, 2011

Today's update

Wow, blogging. I could get into this.

Today's update:

  • Llama, on the way to gan: "I like Morah Rivki's gan!" I, with false security, paused at drop off to talk to the morah for a couple minutes, resulting in Llama realizing I was still there and then needing to be peeled off of me, crying. Oh well. 
  • Only one pair of wet underthings today. Woo hoo!
  • Yes, Llama's. 
  • Llama still doesn't want to be big. For example...

Remember I mentioned lots of baby-ish regression? This was her temporary crib in her 'house' (Sroch's too, clearly. Nice flexibility, no?).

So anyway, now that she's doing the whole toileting thing (and yes, thank you Hashem, we're on the toilet now, so I can stop cleaning out the little plastic potty) to say nothing of gan shalosh, Llama recognizes that she isn't little anymore.

But she still doesn't want to be big.

Her new label: "I'm big little."


  • Sroch came home from school in her inimitable fashion of repeating like everything the teacher taught that day. Well, give or take. I continue to delight in her ability to understand the different teachers - nice to know this year's are able to reach her as well, bli ayin hara. Of course, Llama is still working on her language acquisition; she learned to say "I don't let!" in Hebrew this week.
  • Sroch continues to choose to wear her Land's End oxford shirts to gan, preferring them to others (I think because they look like first grader shirts - fortunately, the ones she has we got for $6 each on clearance, phew). I can only imagine what her new teachers think of her. Kindergarten preppy comes to Ramat Beit Shemesh. There goes the neighborhood. ;)

(I actually thought she was so impossibly deliciously gorgeous today in her shirt and belt and denim skirt I didn't want her to get in pajamas.)

(And yet, I overcame that.)


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geniphurb said...

So I love SRoch's preppy attire. And glad to hear that yet another younger child is getting the hang of potty training. Did that sound bitter? Lol. Brendan will get it eventually. He actually peed again today in the potty, apparently he'll only do it for Daddy. Loved the title too, I need to do more of that myself. My phone has spoiled me so that I use facebook too much. If only Blogger would create an app for the Windows phones :-)