Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chag sameach!

Happy sukkos to all, from all of us!

Okay, so this picture is from before Rosh Hashana, but hey, this time of year, it all kinda blends together.
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Thursday, October 06, 2011

From Llama

"Mommy! I made you a shuga!"


"I make for you a shuga!"



For you see, gentle reader, I am occasionally wont to tell my youngest that she is "making me meshuga."


Monday, October 03, 2011


Since they are in the same tzaharon, they come home with projects they did side by side. So we have this:
Top one is Llama's. I asked her what it was (I was thinking fire, or something like that). She said, with just as much excitement as I was using in my voice praising her for her artistry, that "It's a red! And it's an orange! And two things!"

Oh. (WPO, natch)

Bottom one is Sroch's. She reports to me, when she shows it to me, "there isn't a door because they didn't have any money left to buy a door, because they are aniim (poor people)."

WPO again.

I turn to the ganenet and start to tell her what Sroch says, and she tells me Sroch already told her a whole story about those poor people in their house. She also said she's never seen a kid with an imagination like Sroch's.

Shepp shepp shepp shepp shepp.


We were trying on last winter's coats to see if they still fit, whereupon my girls insisted on wearing them for the next hour or so - outdoors, with an umbrella, in rain boots.

When I finally made them come home for dinner, Llama was very upset. Why? "The rain didn't come yet!"

Soon, Llama darling. IY"H soon.

PS - that's gum in Sroch's mouth, lest you think she has some tooth growth disorder or something.

PPS - and so, darling grandmothers, no need to buy coats for the girlies for this winter :)