Monday, October 03, 2011


Since they are in the same tzaharon, they come home with projects they did side by side. So we have this:
Top one is Llama's. I asked her what it was (I was thinking fire, or something like that). She said, with just as much excitement as I was using in my voice praising her for her artistry, that "It's a red! And it's an orange! And two things!"

Oh. (WPO, natch)

Bottom one is Sroch's. She reports to me, when she shows it to me, "there isn't a door because they didn't have any money left to buy a door, because they are aniim (poor people)."

WPO again.

I turn to the ganenet and start to tell her what Sroch says, and she tells me Sroch already told her a whole story about those poor people in their house. She also said she's never seen a kid with an imagination like Sroch's.

Shepp shepp shepp shepp shepp.

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