Monday, November 07, 2011

In the airport 4

I enjoy the feeling of pride in being Israeli when I walk through the beautiful things we have, and the airport is an example of course. It really is lovely, even if my nostrils are on fire from the duty free perfume. And it's so not fair that when I travel without the kiddos, THAT is when they aren't doing free booze samples.

Shah. Whatever.

I may have to buy a beer on principle. Except I don't actually want one.

I feel so.. single, and by single, I mean married without kids. After all, it's three middle of the night now, so it's our norm that they are asleep and I am alone on my phone.

Tomorrow is when I'll feel the lack of them I think.

Okay, correction, I definitely feel like a mom, since I am educated enough to know those duty free toy prices are STILL insane.

Target, here I come!


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