Thursday, November 03, 2011

Llama's cake

Never ask an almost-three-year-old what kind of birthday cake she wants when she is in possession of a Mimmy and Simmy book.

Because she wanted a Mimmy and Simmy cake. Of course she did. Practically, this meant a triple decker chocolate cake with roses on the sides. Generously, she didn't need the separate strawberry topper, which is a good thing, because strawberries are a) out of season, and b) apparently the source of all bugs in the universe, second only to asparagus. Or something.

So I made three round cakes, used up one thing of genuine Duncan Hines frosting to fill and frost them (it was ~$4.50 for the tub of frosting, which is about what I would have paid for that much margarine and powdered sugar and such), and then bought (for, um, more money) a thing of chocolate fondant to cover it with and make the roses.

Fondant is FUN, and makes you feel like you could make an outstandingly amazingly gorgeous cake SO easily. However, I now know if you put fondant on a lumpy cake, you will have lumpy fondant.

BUT Llama was beside herself with joy, and that is what mattered.

First covered with the frosting. Note the gaps between layers. It's to, um, save calories. That's it.

Then the initial fondant covering. Lost some glossiness by over dusting with starch so it wouldn't stick.

And don't forget the somewhat spastic roses. BTW, "Spastic Roses" would be a great name for a band.

What she wanted, and what I made. Bless her, she didn't see any difference between them.

Ever since I made it a week ago (until today when it was finally finished) she would just randomly stop what she was doing and run to the kitchen to peek, saying "my cake! My cake!" and then go about her business.


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