Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Over Canada

This airplane mode on my phone is very useful....

Out my window, for the last eight or nine hours, there has been a crystal clear starlit sky, and often a full moon as well. Totally lovely. I noticed that Orion's belt is no longer due left of the plane; we must be getting somewhere.

I dozed, but I didn't really sleep. Dinner was excellent. I may or may not have watched an, animated film, depending on where I want Sroch to go to school next year, but if I HAD I would be shocked at the amount of suspense and even violence they put in Toy Story 3. Egads, do they want to give every child nightmares forever?? I of course still cried like a baby. I can only imagine what my seat mate must think of my bawling, to day nothing of how I went to the lavatory with hair on my head but came out with a hat.

Right now it's still dark, but some Canadian lights are dining through from cities below. And right now my babies are at school, Super Husband™ having gotten them out.

I wonder if they noticed yet I'm gone.

I sat them both down last week and said that just like they have to do the mitzvah of honoring their patents, I had to do it as well, and so I had to go to America to do it. And they were both totally, totally fine with that. And I told them about all the plans I made of who they would be watched by and who they would play with, and they're all excited. Llama especially is psyched since she's been asking me for some Super Why books, and I've told her that they only have them in America, so she's been asking me to go to America for weeks already, so this to her is great.

Yesterday when there was a general national strike in the offing, I told Sroch that maybe I wasn't going that day, and she said, "oy, what about your mitzvah?"

Only as I put her to bed last night do I think she realized that hey, I really won't be around.

But they will be fine. Thank God they are secure, bright, well adjusted kids, poo poo poo. They will do fine.

And I... I shall miss them.

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