Monday, January 30, 2012

Photo shoot

Mad props to CB-with-the-good-camera (um, ahem, Sea Bee Graphics) who came over to shoot a nice hi-res pic for poster printing for my grandmother's hospital room. :(

Here's a highly impromptu collage of the event, suitable for desktop backgrounds. Or something.

Goofballs. Love 'em.

Chanuka video flash back

Llama and Sroch making brachos, Chanuka 2011.
Visuals are much better on Sroch's, since she already had Llama's lights a-lighting her.

Harmony. Um, ish.

A couple weeks ago I was clowning around with the girls while they were in the tubby, singing single notes and having the girls sing the same notes to match. I was actually VERY impressed with their accuracy, especially because, gentle reader, while my daughters are always ENTHUSIASTIC singers, they are not always ACCURATE singers.

Unlike their mother of course. Ahem.

Anyway, I wanted to then replicate the trick on video, but, um, yeah, well.