Thursday, March 08, 2012

And so this was Purim..

I think my girlies had a fun day. The 'eat a good breakfast then eat any treat or junk you please' rule worked well, and by the name the seuda came around, they wanted to actually eat real food, causing Sroch to say a sentence like this for the first time in her life:

"Wait, we'll play in a minute, I just want to eat some chicken and rice!"

(BTW, just took her to the doc - thank God, she is growing nicely on her charts. Doc said keep doing whatever we have been doing. So I guess banana flavored corn flakes have some nutritional value...)

For shaloch manos this year, we had cookies and chocolate mousse (one of my friends called it "superlative" - I think I'm not insulted...) with this very cute card:

We printed 40 cards, and they are all gone, so clearly, we saw some people. The girls used the same cards for their hamentashen-and-lollypop-or-Popsim shaloch manos too.

Seuda was at the Kaplans and we had a great time.

Llama had the same gorgeous kallah costume as she had last year, but like last year, she refused to wear it on Purim day, so she was a ladybug instead. I wore butterfly wings, so Llama called me a butterpum. Sroch had a Southern Belle costume which to her just became a "fancy lady." She got to wear lipstick, so really, she had everything she wanted.

Except for a need to have Pink Tzetzi (TM) firmly anchored in Llama's mouth past 2 PM, the girls really did very nicely over the entire day. Oh, except Sroch refused to be photographed, all teenaged-like on me.

Oh, and for the record, six years ago this was my due date, Purim. NUTS.

That's one pic. Blogger is bugging out on the picture uploading, so will try more later.

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