Thursday, March 08, 2012

Purim in pictures

Sroch's "Southern Belle" costume from Target.
Somehow she is very big, and yet still small, all at once.
Practicing for our shaloch manos card photoshoot. If you turn your head, this looks like the letter פ. Really!
Making the letter ר for the Purim card.
Llama on her way to her gan party in the beautiful costume she once again refused to wear on Purim.
She had to lift it in front to not trip on it.
Making hamentashen with my children. Note that Llama's one on the left was the only one that retained any shape at all during baking. I look at my own hamentashen and I think to myself, self, it's a good thing you work on a computer.
Llama's plan B for bug - ladybug of course. She's also wearing my 'butterpum' wings back there, making her a Lady Butterpum.
Seuda at Kaplan
This one is just for Zayde. The RBS Tzedaka Fund put these little guys all over the neighborhood, and the girls were convinced they were just like the little California Raisin you have, and they insisited on taking a picture for you!
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babybean said...

Llama is your clone! She looks so much like you. Now you need to get a video of her saying "I'm gonna kiss your knee!" Remember that video? We still have it :-)

So what does the hebrew say on the card? If I tried to get my kids to spell out Easter or Christmas, it'd be my life's work! You're lucky to have an efficient language.

Anonymous said...

B"H for holidays or I would never hear from you. The girls are to cute for words and are getting so big. The card is just amazing and so clever. Looks like a good time was had by all.
Love ya all, Mom L

Miriam the Mommy said...

Jennifer, HA! You are so right! I have to show them old videos when we are there this time, but yes, Llama is my clone - except all the ways she mimics Sroch!

It says "Purim Sameach" which is 'Happy Purim' - underneath it says "from the Druyan family - Sarah Rochel, Shulamis Rivka, and also their parents"

Mommy Lavitt, we'll be in NY in a little more than two weeks, we MUST see you!

Anonymous said...

My door is open and waiting for all of you Love Mom L