Monday, April 30, 2012


Llama complaint, tonight at bedtime:
"It's not fair that you and Abba and Srochel had so much time together without me!!!!!!!! (wail)"
Yes, gentle reader, she means before she was born.

So I explain to them both how I too am a youngest and why I think it's great to be the youngest even though I had less time with my parents, and how there are good and bad sides to everything in life.

Sroch, whispered to me, as she patted her stomach where apparently she stores her feelings:
"Mommy, you hurt my feelings by saying you like being the youngest, because I don't want to have a little sister, I want to be the littlest!"

More bedtime complaints:
"You cuddled with her for so long and you didn't cuddle me as long!"
"She put her hand / foot / head / doll / sippy cup on my bed!"
(from Sroch) "I need my own room because she's always breathing and then I don't get enough sleep!"
(four minutes into a five minute story) "I don't like that story, so you need to tell me a different one."
(after a song they asked me to sing) "I didn't mean THAT one! Sing a DIFFERENT one, one I like!"
and my favorite, clearly from Sroch:
"I can't be quiet because it hurts my throat when I'm quiet!"

This is one of the reasons that, secretly, in my deepest of duodenums, I don't want to give up Llama's pacifier: because, you see, it prevents (most) speech at bedtime. 

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