Sunday, April 29, 2012

Daffffffff KESHER!

There's been a lot of talk in one of the Jewish magazines lately about the 'daf kesher' (literally 'connection page') kids bring home from school full of what they learned that week and what's going on.

I've read absolutely none of the talk.

BUT we love ours. We read through them with the kids, and it's an awesome gauge of what the kids are being taught and what they absorb.

What Llama learned last week
That there was a man Akiva who was a tzadik but didn't know alef bais who went to learn with the little kinderlach in the cheder and then he became a big rabbi and lived in a little house. Now during sfira we are sad and don't cut hair or have weddings. We like to sing the Rabbi Akiva happy song.

She also learned counting.

What Sroch learned last week
Akiva was a tzadik who was a shepherd and saw water flowing from a wellspring into a rock that had made a hole, and said that the water of Torah can surely pierce the stone of my heart. He was married to Rachel daughter of Kalba Savua and they lived in a tiny house with only straw, no furniture, and she sent him to learn and he learned with the children who made fun of him and he told his wife they made fun of him and so she decorated a donkey with flowers and brought it to the market every day and everyone made fun but every day a little less a little less until they didn't even notice it at all so she sent him back to school with the little kids and he moved up and up and up until he was the head of the whole yeshiva. Then he came back to Rachel and she kissed his feet and he said all my Torah and my students Torah is because of you and then he gave her a fancy piece of Yerushalaim shel zahav jewelry ("Abba, if they were so poor and all he did was learn Torah, how did he have money to buy her jewelry?").

She also learned the letter פ and ף and more agricultural laws of Israel (including peah, leket and more) than I knew at 16.


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