Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jumping in...

The challenge: blog every day (well, 6 outa 7 days/week) for a month.

Boing! Here goes!

Above picture is Llama at the 'trampoline park' (a.k.a. really nice neighbors in Houston who were away for Pesach). So much to tell about our Pesach, the trip, Sroch being six, my birthday today :)... but I'd hate to ruin the suspense.

That, and I'd like to go to bed before 1 AM for the first time in a week.

Sleep: apparently it will cure everything. Or so I'm told. I wouldn't know because, B"H, Sroch is six, as aforementioned. And clearly it's her fault I am up till 2 AM every night on my computer. (Actually, conveniently, 2 AM is when one of them usually decide to emerge looking for a warm, fuzzy thing to curl up with.)

Until tomorrow! Except, shoot, it is tomorrow. Whatever.

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