Monday, May 14, 2012

Blogging, lashon hara and kiwi

The danger in having a blog is, of course, a tendency to say TOO much.
In the course of my several years of motherhood, I have had the opportunity to spend time with many, many other people's children, and my impressions are not always, um, positive.
(I also hold a grudge like whoa - for example, I remember what 4 year old callously broke the letter 'N' piece from our set of foam bathtub letters approximately five years ago... and it still bothers me that we have no N.)
So this evening, when Sroch was by a friend (after a day spent with Mommy at Mommy's office, she is miraculously recovered from her vomiting bouts last night), Llama had a couple friends over, both who have been here before. Well, this time...

They trashed the room.
In Llama's defense, she came and told me her friends were taking apart the ABC carpet. I told her as long as they put it back it was okay. I assumed they were taking apart a couple squares. But, no.

As you see, we cleaned it up. Only took 45 minutes! Oy. Impressive, since they made that mess in only about 15 minutes.
But really, three 3 year olds, they did nothing WRONG. Sroch at that age also loved to pull apart the letters. But there is a large temptation to judge these precious, adorable girlies as bad-mannered.
And then, there's a temptation to blog about how I can't BELIEVE children would EVER act like such ANIMALS and ohmigosh I mean REALLY, blah blah blah.
So I won't.
And I'll have these girls over to play again, many times, please God.
Instead, I'll just blog about kiwi. I just ate a kiwi without peeling it. It was a revelation. I may go have another.

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