Saturday, May 05, 2012


Gut voch ya'll.

Long story short, early this shabbos morning I was attacked by what only could have been food poisoning, complete with agony, vomiting and a fainting spell, the THUNK of which awoke my husband (sorry honey). Anyway, B"H after I got off the floor and did some whimpering and sobbing and crawled back to bed, I was fine - crazy weak and headachey (almost like my head had hit the tile floor or something) but fine.

Still weak, getting there.

But yay, B"H, kids not only slept through the whole thing but did wonderfully today with Mommy pretty much out of commission. Llama went to shul with Abba, Sroch hung out with her friends, Tali ran everything else - and we're doing okay.

Man my head hurts...

I explained fainting to the girls as what happens when your body gets so sick of something that it just pitom goes to sleep, irregardless of you being sitting, walking, whatever. I was proud of my definition.


...I'm too wiped out to cleverly end this post. So sorry. Please tune in again tomorrow.

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Carlye said...

How scary! Feel better quickly!! We're expecting many more exciting and witty posts from you. Seriously though, rest and rehydrate!