Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Girls and boys

At bedtime, we were talking about how boys are bar mitzvaed at 13, and girls are bas mitzvaed at 12. Sroch asked "Why are boys and girls different?" I explained that they are different for this because girls grow up faster....

[smug pause]

...and Hashem made us different. So we discussed the differences between boys and girls:

  • beards versus chins
  • no babies in tummies versus babies in tummies (including digression while Sroch insists she was in Abba's tummy, she KNOWS cause she was THERE)
  • Torah versus babies.
That was unexpected, that last one. Sroch said it like this, and I'm really impressed at how she put these pieces together, even if her conclusion wasn't spot on.

"I know why Hashem doesn't let the abbas have the babies. Because of shul! If an abba had to have a baby, but he also had to go to shul and learn Torah, then Torah is more important than babies so he would have to do that and it would be a problem. So the mommies have the babies."

I was a little dumbstruck, because much of that statement was accurate -basically- but it was inside out. So I, and Yoav when he came in, tried to reinforce her independent thinking but also tried to correct her outlook, to explain that YES Torah is the most important but a mommy having a baby kinda trumps everything (like if mom goes to hospital on shabbos to have a baby husband comes with her even though he isn't giving birth, etc) because I didn't want her to think that baby < Torah QED motherhood < maleness. B"H that was fine. And we explained that just like men and women are different in terms of facial hair, they have different minds and rates of growth and different jobs in this world, which usually mean women = mothers and raisers, men = shul-goers and go-outers.

I think it's all good.

Sroch is really... big.

Llama was totally following this conversation, by the way. She does so much absorbing that you forget she's involved in the conversation until she just ups and solves quadratic equations. With her pacifier. And a toothpick.

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babybean said...

That's awesome. And I know what you mean about Llama cause Kaylee does the same thing. Constantly observing and then amazing you with new-found skills and words. Funny you should mention boys and girls too. Last time we went to the doctor, one of the questions they asked about Brendan was if you ask "are you a boy or girl" does he respond correctly. I said well, we've never asked. Lol. So we asked and he said no. Silly boy.