Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Goodnight kisses

Yoav comes home and relieves me- he's getting the girls into jammas (well, Sroch into a dress for tomorrow; she likes to sleep in the next day's clothes) and putting them to bed. They pop out to say goodnight, one by one.

Llama comes and cuddles with me on the couch (I'm busy cuddling with my Kindle) for a minute, and gives me kisses. Her goodnight kisses are usually a star upon my face: a kiss on each cheek, on my forehead, on my nose, and sometimes a very tickly one on my chin or even throat. She offers up her own "I love you, goodnight" before I can even say it, then scampers off to be Pampered (well, Titulimed) and put to bed.

Sroch comes out and cuddles and kisses me as well on the cheek, and tells me goodnight. We say we love each other. Earlier in the day, she told me that she wakes up in the middle of the night when I think she's sleeping and comes in, kisses her abba, and sneaks back in to bed. As she walks away from me, she tells me, "Mommy, I'm also going to be kissing you while you're sleeping!" I say oh yeah?? And she says, "Yeah, in my heart. My heart is going to be sending you kisses all night long."

Oh, my heart.


brenda said...

little girls say the sweetest things that melt your heart. sometimes little boys do too, but only when you least expect it :)

Carlye said...

My heart has been sufficiently melted!

Flying Penguin said...

I need a bite of that. YUM!