Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lag Baomer-ish videos and a discussion of musicality

The first is Llama singing a song she learned in school. Don't worry if you don't understand Hebrew; not all of the words she uses count.

The second is Sroch singing a song of her own composition as she ate her dinner, about a girl who goes to learn in the cave with Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and her weight gain and loss. Fascinating stuff.

I do so utterly enjoy how the girls are so similar, but so different. Both of them love to sing, and will happily walk up and down the street / grocery store aisle just singing away to the world.

The Sroch style of singing is: free form, meandering but also musical. She makes up her own songs all the time - and sometimes even remembers them day to day. For example, she made up a song on the way to America with the refrain "Even Ago" and she had a couple lyrics and the refrain... and she sang it the whole time we were there. Even Llama learned it.

The Llama style of singing is much more musically accurate to the original.

It's like Sroch is more of a composer  while Llama is more of a singer.

And their mother is mostly full of garbage that she is labeling her childrens' talents at their ages of 6 and 3andahalf.

Whatever they are - they are great fun.

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