Thursday, May 03, 2012

My bedtime, 28 years ago

Tonight, as some of you heard already, I was so far past the end of my rope I couldn't even remember what my rope looked like. It has been an incredibly sleep-deprived, multiple jobs worked, high-stressed week... and there is still more to come before the blissful sleep of shabbos night.

Speaking of which...

As I was putting (shoving, taping into, pleading and begging and more shoving) my kids to bed tonight, I was trying to remember what MY bedtime was like as a child. So, circa six years old, I remember...

  • Taking about one bath a year. It was probably more, since I remember it was my father who gave it to me, which means I'm probably blanking on the 364 other baths I got at age six. Sorry Mom.
  • Never fighting to stay up later. I knew that I'd never get to see the shows that came on at eight thirty. I'm sure I never even had a word of protest about going to bed, because clearly, I'd remember that.
  • My room was always clea... never mind, I can't even type that with a straight face. I remember my room was a mess. Always.
  • My mother singing to my brother and I, either taking turns in each of our rooms, or sitting in the hallway between us. Occasionally, she would move the record player to the hallway, and focus one of the humungo 80's speakers in each of our doorways so we could fall asleep to a Sesame Street record, or possibly 613 Torah Avenue. And we would never come out of bed. Ever.
  • I also remember trying to fall out of bed (and sometimes doing so on purpose) to make my mother come, but she never came when it was fake, only when it was real. How did she do that?
Hmm. So just about the only similarity between my childhood bedtime and my childrens' is the singing. Except, somehow, I bet my mother wasn't sitting there in the hallway, singing in full voice, slowly digging her nails into the carpet and making ridiculous faces out of total and complete exasperation at another bedtime.

Except maybe she was, you know. Maybe she was.

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Flying Penguin said...

For the record, my bedtime (don't remember the age) was at 8:35. Talk about frustrating. I saw the first 5 minutes of the 8:30 shows and then I had to go to bed. That was cruel.