Friday, June 22, 2012

Airplanes and another avian issues

Before we went to America for Pesach, I spent many many hours getting ready for the incredibly long travel times with my girlies. Games and short-list-of-approved-videos on multiple devices (phone and computer). Coloring books and stickers. Snacks. Mental preparation and airplane etiquette lessons for the girls.

And all the prep paid off, mostly. Mostly the journeys were easy-ish and smooth-oid.

Because, gentle reader, when you're preparing to have a endurance test of parenting restricted to a small physical area, you take the time to be ready!

...Which is why Sroch breaking out in CHICKEN POX this afternoon has shaken me so much! I need warning if I'm going to be spending multiple days at home with her!!! She needs warning if she's going to be told NO she can't go to a friend and NO she can't have that friend over and NO she can't go to the alef-bais party on Sunday.

Thank God, she has had the vaccine, so (so far) she's having a very mild case - she's just covered in spots. (My neighbor, using her mother-of-six wisdom to diagnose Sroch's spots as something other than an overactive mosquito, listened to Sroch whining and said, "See? She's not feeling well, she's kvetching, give her Acamol (acetaminophen)." To which I replied - "If I gave her Acamol every time she kvetched I'd be arrested." Well, I should have replied that. What I ACTUALLY said was "Does that work???")

Llama, also vaccinated, is not showing any symptoms at all. We cancelled our shabbos lunch plans, I already told Yoav he gets to take off work on Sunday (insert smiley face emoticon) and please God, this should be our worst problem, amen.

GOOD SHABBOS, cluck, cluck.

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Mordechai Y. Scher said...

רפואה שלמה ומהרה

I still remember having chicken pox. We all survived just fine. Just hang in there for a bit, Imma!