Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Update on the poultry

Thank God Almighty to the nth power, Sroch returns to school tomorrow!

The vaccine proved itself - she never felt ill, never even really itchy (!). She was just spotty. And bored. Tomorrow she'll return to school (we took her to the doctor to confirm, since her case was so mild some of her pox never, um, dried, since they never fully, er, were wet, so, um, yeah I'm too grossed out to finish the sentence, but suffice to say she got permission to go back to school, few).

Llama is still pox-free, thank God. If she comes out in spots, undoubtedly it will be while Saba and Savta are here. Hi guys! Something to look forward to!

Speaking of which, regular school ends this week. I really need to post pictures of the girls' end of the year (weep weep ) parties, and Sroch's first (weep weep) graduation. Did I mention they still haven't done registration for next year? Yeah. Anywho...

Next week begins camp-within-school, which is only till 1 PM everyday. I'm investigating after 1 PM options. In three weeks begins real-camp, which is till 3 PM everyday.

Poor kiddos. Don't you sometimes wish they could just have free time at home with no need to go to school, you know, just stay with their parents all day and...

Um, yeah. Sroch's missed three days of school this week. All hail school and camp!

And now, a picture of me off to get my train from England in February:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There once was a girl named Sroch,
Who came down with some spots on her toch,
The Dr. said my, it's the poultry pox,
Stay home and play- all day/ don't eat lox,
Soon you'll be better, as good as can be,
Soon you'll get a heter, to eat chicken and drink tea.
We'll laugh and tell jokes, you and me.