Thursday, June 21, 2012

What they draw

I always have this internal push for my children to be creators.

Maybe it's too much FilthWizardry envy (her kids are the ages of mine! And actually almost as cute as mine! Oh noes!). Maybe it's because, on my computer all day, I am often creating something, text or layouts or graphics, and so I want them to Be Like Me.

Or maybe it's because so much of their delightful brilliance is so fleeting. I have a blog to try and capture a bit of their personality, their wit, their exuberance. I even take videos. But I cannot freeze or encapsulate their wonderfulness perfectly, so maybe that's why I want them to make Things. So something is frozen.

(Of course, by the time they get home at 4 PM every day, they generally do not want to do 'projects.' They want to either play with friends or do their own thing - or just cuddle. Or kvetch AND cuddle, often simultaneously. Or swim. But I digress.)

Anyway, some of my favorite recent examples of what they DID draw:

Sroch drew this on my white board behind my desk at work when she came to work with me a few weeks ago. She was going to write "I love you" but as you see, she got tired. 

Llama painted this in tzharon this week. She says it's a beautiful 'beit knesset' (shul) reaching up to the sky.

...I think it looks like a Llama.

This apparent happy-face is actually an example of Sroch's spontaneous anger-management creativity, where  as we have tried to teach her, she can SHOW me how upset she is without being hurtful to others. The clenched teeth are in anger, of course. Not sure what the little beanie means. 

This is (cough) a few months old. I just thought she looked so OLD here. Way to color in the lines Sroch. 

Okay, nachos (well, nachas). This is from (ahem) before Pesach, but note the top line - Llama's name. Then note her squiggles in red as she COPIED the letters of her name! NOT BAD KID, especially since she's a) only three, b) this is not being taught to her in school or by me. She's just, you know, good. 

So proud.

Proving my (hemhem) before Pesach point, this is Sroch typical topical drawing.

Okay, this is massively months old, but I thought it was a really interesting idea. I sat down with Llama, me holding the crayon and her guiding my hand (sorta a Ouija board thing, except my parents never let me have one of those). I cannot rotate this picture, so please believe me that the yellow face was on top and the kippa-clad figure on the bottom, perpendicular to old yeller. I asked why she drew her father in that direction: "Because he's taking a nap."

See? Our children want for us what we want for ourselves.

Did I ever mention that the tzaharon teacher says Llama has the most detail oriented coloring she's ever seen in a three year old?

Could nuclear physics be far off? I THINK NOT.

Oh, and one more anecdote, also (meep) months old. We took Sroch for an interview for a school (not where she's going - unless it is - oh long story, anyway) and they gave her four illustrated cards, and asked her to put them in the correct sequence. There was a child blowing up a balloon a little, a bit more, a lot and then the child with the balloon popping, with lines coming near the child's mouth showing movement and explosion and such.

Sroch put the popping one first, then the others with the balloon growing.

The principal asked her why she put them in that order, and she said, "The first one is the girl yelling at her mommy to give her a balloon, then the rest are when she blows it up with air."

Yoav and I were simultaneously mortified ("Right we don't yell at mommy to give us things?") and ridiculously proud. You think outa the box, kiddo. We're right behind you.

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Thank you for the beautiful up date and the beautiful pictures.
As always your girls are so cute
Love you all. Mommy L