Friday, July 13, 2012

Genius or idiot?

My problem?

AC icing up after 4, 5 hours of usage. When left on last week for 24 hours, by hour 15 or so cooling efficiency was highly reduced - by hour 24 the air wasn't cooling at all.

Call our appliance insurance guys, who say all the fluids/gasses are fine, it's just too dirty BUT for YOU, giveret, just 250 NIS to clean it. But not now. Call us again, 58 NIS for the visit, okay bye.

It's Thursday. What am I gonna do? Even if I wanted to have the guy clean it, or any other guy, ain't no way I'm getting someone here by shabbos.

Read entire internet on cleaning air conditioning evaporator coils. Research foam cleaners I can use myself - $5-$12 in America, starting at 120 NIS here. Aha.

See many references to fin combs. Think think think.

Turn off air conditioner power in breaker box. Grab window cleaner (Sano's version of Windex). Water it down 3 to 1. Spray down coil thoroughly. Start to comb with my Assy 2000 super duper metal lice comb.

Hmm. Not too bad. And bonus, lots of fins that were smooshed from previous bumbling us or bumbling technicians - I am now straightening them.

Comb comb comb, spray down the whole coil again just with water. Hold breath and turn on breaker - it's okay. Pray and turn on AC - and it's working.

....So I'm proud of myself, because BLI AYIN HARA I not only didn't cause damage, but I may have actually done something productive.

...And this belongs on my blog about my girls, because 'genius or idiot' is a fair question for most of my parenting techniques - and my hope is to avoid damage, and if I'm lucky, actually do something productive.

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Zayde said...

Total genius!!

...and you saved money, too!

(If there is an idiot in this deal, it would appear to be the appliance serviceman, who gave up a quick, high profit margin job by trying to take advantage of the lady of the house, the ever-resourceful Giverit Mommy!) Hooray!! Enjoy the coolth! will you reserve the Assy 2000 for the air conditioner and obtain the "new!" and "improved!" Assy 2012 or 2013 model if the need arises, or rinse it out well if/when necessary? I think it's great that you have a nit-free a/ has a nice ring to it.