Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thank you notes, 2012

My girls actually wrote thank you notes on paper (well, colored them. Or attacked them with markers. Whatever.) several months ago for the stuff we were gifted over Pesach.

So maybe I just gave them to Savta to mail in America because I never use the mail. Oops.

So when we received mondo package-of-joy from Bubbie and Zayde, I made sure to quickly get my children to do their generation's version of thank you notes: YouTube!

Heaven's to betsy, what WILL they do after their weddings? But I digress.

I look the liberty of writing transcripts of their thank yous.

I miss you, I miss you! I love you so much! I really will be in Beit Shemesh, so thank you, thank you! You are lucky (dance number) Goodbye camera!

Hello. My name is Sarah Rochel. And thank you Bubbie for this yummy Hello Kitty, yummy yummy yummy. Thank you! It has red, pink and orange. Thank you. And I want to show you something else that you didn't buy for me, Savta bought it for me, but I want to show you, 'kay? [producer's comments] First I need to put it on here. Hello! See what it is? Ding!! It's, it's a yalkut, and I got a ball with it. Wait, bentaim (ed: meanwhile) you can look at it. [producer's comments] No, wait! And here's the ball that went in it, because it was supposed to be, it was on the top so it needed to be fat and good. So they put a ball in it. And he said it's bishvil hayalda, (ed: for the girl) yay! [producer's comments] Goodbye!

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rugby said...

OH MY GOSH! I miss the so much! They got so big!