Sunday, August 19, 2012

My life from TV

Thanks to Google and YouTube, I no longer need a memory of my own; I can just type in keywords and find the full memory I had lost.


I remembered this amazing drawing show I used to watch on PBS, where this guy drew a massive mural and was so into drawing it was contagious. I remembered he would say, "Draw draw draw, draw everyday," and I remembered something about a city, and maybe his name was Mark?

Thank you Google. "The Secret City" with Mark Kistler, good old Commander Mark. Just watching a few clips from there made me realize how much my own drawing / doodling style is straight from what he taught. Huh.

Sesame Street taught me to read before I turned three. True story.

A collection of science and math shows on PBS and Nickelodeon (thanks for the cable Mom and Dad), like Mr. Wizard, 321 Contact, Square One and more gave me tons of information I actually still use as well as the idea of the depth and breadth of science and math and logic. 1,1,2,3,5 - eureka!

Mr. Rogers and others like him taught me my imagination is more important than anything else.

Shows like Kids Incorporated taught me that it's perfectly socially acceptable to break out into song at any given point. (This is still true today, if perhaps only in your mind.) You Can't Do That On Television taught me to be obnoxious to my elders (hmm) - but also that not only attractive people go into acting (true - some of those people were funny looking).

And of course, the Muppet Show (like you need a link) taught me to believe in myself - and to laugh at myself.

...My children, growing up essentially without television, are going to have to get all of that from somewhere else. Some will come from school. Some, from books. But I cannot but wish with perfect nostalgic rose-colored hindsight that they could get only the good from all the television I watched.

...But they can't. Because, sadly, it doesn't work that way, and there are plenty of horrible things I got from television too (yeah, cable. Eek).

Which is why I just told my husband, I think I'm buying the Muppet Show DVDs for my kids... when they get married. Then it's on their own heads.

...Kidding. I'm KIDDING.


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