Thursday, August 23, 2012

On Tel Azeika

Little impromtu trip up to the top of the mountain today. It is COVERED by recent, fresh, still-active brand new digs, which was seriously cool to see, although made me a leeetle nervous ("Have fun playing by the large open pits with possibly unstable walls and large, sharp stones, kids!"). We did some serious hand-clutching with the girls.

The dirt all around the area was so dry it was like walking in ash. I kept calling it Pompeii. Actually, it's not like ash, it's like dirt that hasn't been rained in a thousand years or so.

Here's a link to the project website. Awesome stuff in our backyard. I'm so glad I live in Israel, otherwise I'd be jealous of me.*

We ran into Noam Yaakovson of Latma fame. We are so incredibly cool, are we not?**

Smores for dinner. I see nothing wrong with that. We also roasted soy dogs on a stick. Mmm.

*Could that sentence have been any more pompous? Discuss and state examples.
**Okay, maybe that one qualified.

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