Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The first day of - what?

The beginning is too convoluted.

I shall start with the end.

Except it might not be.

But right now, we THINK the (temporary) end is:

Llama: in gan arba with Morah Tammy in the mornings. Afternoons currently at Mrs. L across the street, who is saving our life.

Sroch: finally had registration the day before school began, was accepted into kita alef (THANK YOU GOD), so far had one hour of "school" (i.e. press conference to show these 100 eager faced first graders had no classroom, tada, okay fine, you'll get classrooms), tomorrow has school in building A, next day as well, and from Sunday (PLEASE GOD) will have a sponsored bus to school in building B, there until October (betcha December) when she returns to building A for what will then be her very own caravan (trailer) classroom, stuck into a yard. Afternoons, she's currently also at Mrs. L across the street.

Afternoons will change after the chagim (October) when SUPPOSEDLY the Ministry of Education will be offering extended day programs in my daughters' schools. Maybe.

For Llama, the first day of school wasn't a big deal - and sadly, to me as well. Because of all the finagling for Sroch, it got sort of pushed to the back of my mind, and I'm sorry for that. But I'm very grateful she's in the same physical location, knows the teachers, knows the kids, and she's totally a mellow-puss.

For Sroch, all these machinations meant that my big "My oldest is going to FIRST GRADE" reflections and inevitable weeping... didn't happen. Even our acceptance into the school (something I've been worried about for what, six years now?) was practically a non-sequitor, just a pat on my arm that I didn't need to speak to the menahelet and could come back tomorrow.

My biggest regret thus is I didn't have The Moment, which meant I missed out on the spontaneous rapturous THANK YOU GOD moment.

Tomorrow, when Sroch is (again) in her uniform and I have to actually get her to school on time and she'll come home with homework, the emotional weepy stuff may hit. But the THANK YOU GOD stuff, hey, it's always time for that. :)

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