Sunday, September 16, 2012

2 or 3 ingredients

Here's the girlies making 2-ingredient cookies today, completely solo:

Just two things: bananas, oats, and chocolate chips if you like.

(for the sake of our metaphor, we will ignore the fact that after they were made, Sroch didn't like them)

There are really just two or three ingredients to this whole 'shana tova' business as well:

Love God
Serve Him
...and be besimcha, have joy.

Love and happiest of years to you and all of us and everyone, a year of peace and health and security and safety, of few bugs in our food and few bugs in our hair, of ample paychecks that arrive on time and appliances that work without interruption, of warm, teary smiles that make you brush off your cheeks, and of poriyut and nachas for everyone, amen.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Sroch and her perception of socioeconomic status

Tonight at bedtime Sroch and I were talking about Paw and Ganger. She said she likes their house the most. Why? "Because it's so fancy, it's like a really rich person's house."

Um, Sroch, huh? It's a tiny little house. 

"But the rooms are so fancy! And yeah, and the bathroom is like for a KING."

Sroch, remember Bubbie and Zayde's bathroom, that's so huge?

"But Ganger's bathroom is the nicest. Bubbie's is like regular rich people, like for a queen, but Ganger's is for a king."

Aha. Finally I got it, and asked her - "Is it because Ganger's bathroom has everything pink?"


Oh. :)