Thursday, September 06, 2012

Sroch and her perception of socioeconomic status

Tonight at bedtime Sroch and I were talking about Paw and Ganger. She said she likes their house the most. Why? "Because it's so fancy, it's like a really rich person's house."

Um, Sroch, huh? It's a tiny little house. 

"But the rooms are so fancy! And yeah, and the bathroom is like for a KING."

Sroch, remember Bubbie and Zayde's bathroom, that's so huge?

"But Ganger's bathroom is the nicest. Bubbie's is like regular rich people, like for a queen, but Ganger's is for a king."

Aha. Finally I got it, and asked her - "Is it because Ganger's bathroom has everything pink?"


Oh. :)

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