Monday, October 29, 2012

Well, I voted

(image lifted via Google from, which I never read and could be full of puppy-beating and candycorn-razor instructions for all I know. Ah, the internet. )

As the song goes, I am proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free to vote for the gentleman (or occasionally gentlewoman) I think will represent my interests best without getting me or him/herself killed, expelled, violated or impoverished.


We've got an election coming up here in Israel too, but for some reason that seems simpler. The American candidates are, in many ways, unknown to me. But here in Israel? Nah, we're all family. Sure, one candidate might be a sprout off the family tree you might not mind pruning - gently - but we're all together.

America is just too big.

Texas should secede again.

I'm so glad we've had this informative political moment.

My name is Miriam the Mommy, and I'm sleeping through this message.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Llama's birthday, or "The End of All Tzeitzi"

Well, she's 4.

What is UP with that?


Okay, back to normative blogging style (and yes, that was an oxymoron).

So we've been saying for MONTHS that, when she's four, then all sorts of things will happen - no more pacifier, no more diapers at night, world peace, no more bugs on strawberries, etc.

Well, strawberries and world peace aside... we're on our way!

Her birthday party was a combined birthday / bye bye tzeitzi party. We played tzeitzi games and ate cake and krembo and candy. It was an expensive party by our block's standards, since the snacks cost all of 35 NIS (under $10) AND we had a 99 cent tablecloth from Target. Which yes, we cleaned off, folded up and saved.... What?

We had a Mimmy and Simmy cake... again. Llama requested it... again. Oh well. Thank God Talya-the-kallah (yay!) made it for us, because I was busy having a cold. Cold = inability to do anything productive. 

As a present, we bought her a great big incredibly soft and squishy turtle. Turtle is 'tzav' in Hebrew; I am trying to get Llama just to name the turtle 'Tzetzi the Tzav.' It's almost catching on. My reason was this: Llama is a cuddler. She's a snuggler. She would often say, of late, "I just need to go cuddle with my bed and my tzeitzi for a few minutes and then I'll go play." Like she likes her cuddle time. So I wanted to get her another cuddle prop besides the shnastified ancient latex suckers.

SO FAR - last night and tonight, bedtime was FINE. She is cuddling with the turtle a lot, occasionally pops her thumb in her mouth but really... she's alright. Also - by her own initiative - she switched to Pull-Ups for the last two nights with their 'stay dry so the flowers don't disappear' feedback system... and she's been dry the last two nights! 

Recall her toilet training, that once SHE decided it was time, she just kinda made it happen? Yeah. Well Houston (and, Plainview), we seem to have a chazakah. Bli ayin hara!!!

... PS #1 - yes, I just totally jinxed all that by blogging. Sigh.

.... PS #2 - once Llama threw the pacifiers in the garbage, I snuck them out and cut them with scissors, so there was No Turning Back. I felt HORRIBLE. Who am I to destroy her things like that?? And a tiny bit of my misguided frugality in me was like, "hey, one of those didn't have any holes yet. I should have kept it for some other child out there."

But seriously, I felt like I was forcing a crack fiend to go cold turkey. It was very odd.

Sukkos slideshow!

Lulav and esrog pictures

These are my favorite pictures I take all year. Favorite mitzvah - favorite people. I hear it.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

End of summer slideshow

This summer we couldn't find the camera battery for a bit, so most of the pictures were taken on my phone, when they were taken at all.

The sad thing is - my phone's camera takes nicer pictures than my real camera does, much of the time.

This isn't a hint for someone to get me a new camera of course... um, maybe.

It's like you don't believe in me

I mean, DAY AFTER DAY, I'm getting tons of comments and emails and calls asking - why aren't you blogging? We want to hear from you! We want to see the girls! EVERY DAY, I get offers of free babysitting, money, pizza delivery, pedicurists for my daughters, YOU NAME IT, so I can get back to my blogging!

...Oh, this memo just in:



Oh well.

Blogging now anyway. Hmph.

Also: making this blog private very, very soon. Oh well. It's been fun, but the kiddos, they are growing up.