Sunday, November 04, 2012


Mazal tov to the H's, who just had their second son, and invited us to be the kvaters at the bris.

We've been kvater to many, many babies. The kvater & kvaterin are the couple who bring the child to the ceremony, i.e. I take the baby from the mother, pass him to Yoav, who takes him to the father and the mohel, etc. And then in reverse when the bris is done.

This is a traditional segula (translation = happy spiritual hint or push to God or something like that) for a couple to have children. It's also more or less tied into the godparent role. For a family like the H's, we were chosen not just because we do not yet have a son of our own, but also because of how close we are to them.

I honestly cannot recall how many times or each family for whom we were kavter. Lots of times, before the girls were born, but barely ever SINCE they were born.

Unlike many couples who wait a long time for their kids, we never minded being kvater, never felt it was shameful or insulting or nebby or pathetic. We were happy to do it - such a mitzvah! And who's to say that all those kvatering jobs didn't pay off big time in our two girlies? Not we.

It's funny - my girlies are such wonderful worlds unto themselves. They are perfect, delicious, wonderful. So why do we still want another child?

I asked a friend that, after she and I had had our firsts (us after waiting 6.5 years, she after 10 years). I said - My Sarah is so perfect, why would I need any more of her?

And she answered - MY Sarah is so perfect, I want a dozen more.

(Bli ayin hara, I believe she by now has five more - wow!)

So bring on the kvater jobs, friends. Bring them on.

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brenda said...

mazel tov to you and especially your friends and may Hashem provide you exactly what you need for your family to be perfect