Tuesday, November 20, 2012

More war bits

Things we should outlaw during wars

  • All white noise anythings in the whole entire world. Including but not limited to...
    • Trucks
    • Certain air conditioners (especially when they start up)
    • Police or ambulance sirens
    • Howling jackals in the hills
    • Children pretending to make air raid siren noises. Ha. Ha ha. Boosh.
  • Anything that creates a doppler sound effect, like for example: movement. Just stay still, 'kay?
  • Whatever the heck it is that has been humming in a high pitched fashion across the street from me
  • Car speaker phones / radios when they are on Loud and the car door is opened - especially when
    they are blaring news of a siren elsewhere.
Things war seems to outlaw on all its own
  • Productivity at work (sorry TnS)
  • Sleeping soundly
  • The ability to not check the news
  • The interest to wash dishes
  • The interest to play the perfect Words With Friends word
  • (my favorite) Divisiveness in the community.

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