Monday, December 31, 2012

Bedtime story

So tonight I told my daughters the story of two friends, C and R, who liked to do shows together. But then they had to grow up and get married, and R moved to Israel before C so they were apart. 

R wasn't doing any shows now, so she and her friend E got together to bake a lot of cakes for E's father's tzedaka.

But then C came to Israel! And they all decided to do a show for E's father's tzedaka!

Then I told the story of two more friends, Tamar and Miriam, who saw a sign about the show. And now Tamar and Miriam and R and C were all friends AND they made money for E's father's tzedaka!

THEN I told the story of two people who were in the next show together, Miriam and Sarah, and how THEY became friends too! And on and on!

And best of all, how they all made so much money for tzedaka! 

"What," asks the 6 year old, "does the tzedaka do?"

"It helps people who don't have kinderlach."

"Ah!," says the 6 year old, "so the money came back to you! But hmmm... How did you get the money?" (She's sitting up now, head cocked, tapping her chin with her forefinger as she contemplates. "And how did they help you have kinderlach?"

At this point, I moved on quickly to my favorite part of the story:

You see, there are two MORE girls to tell about, named Sarah Rochel and Shulamis Rivka, and if it wasn't for them, then their mommy wouldn't be able to do the show! Because, you see, when their mommy goes to shows and rehearsals they don't scream, they don't kvetch. 

"Why Mommy," asks Sroch, "would we scream and kvetch?" 

"Well, Sarah Rochel," I replied, "some kinderlach do."

"But it makes no sense," she said, "since you're going to a rehearsal, it's not like you're going away and not coming back!" She gives a hearty 'huh' as she contemplates those children of lesser minds who cannot grasp maternal object permanence. 

"Right! And because you let me go, I can help make money for tzedaka!"

"And then," Sroch says, eyes filled with wonder, "we get part of the mitzvah too!"

And so they do.

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