Tuesday, February 26, 2013

First one in, first one out

It's the follow up to her very first tooth - I hardly believe it, but that same tooth is now her very first LOOSE tooth.

In case you don't want to click, it's this one:

Which makes perfect sense - but doesn't always happen that way.

Sroch still doesn't quite understand blogging, as she wanted me to take separate videos for each set of grandparents, uncles, etc, so I could send all of them to the respective ones. I said no. Llama seemed to get it. :)


Monday, February 25, 2013

The final word on Purim... is beer.

Beer on Purim: for men, women, teenagers who want to live it up.

Beer after Purim: for women who have to clean it up.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hmm... what to label this one as?

Great opportunity to find out if those pillows really DO go through the washing machine!


- Is 6 too young to have to clean up your own vomit?


- Thanks Sroch for making it to the bathroom...the second time.


- Thank you God for having the puke miss the mini American Girl doll in her bed, amen.

and another thing about Purim

Most of the shaloch manos WE got were food. Almost all the junk candy and such that came in the house was from the girls' friends. Conclusion: it's my children making me unhealthy. Thanks a lot kiddos.

another Purim note

This year our girls gave us shaloch manos. NO not the ones they made in school, but on Purim morning Llama and I made her shaloch manos together... and then she turned around and gave me one - for me! And Sroch took a paper container she got in school, filled it with her own candy that I brought from England, candy from our pantry and fruit from our fridge and gave it to me!

This is a big deal. 


This year's Purim cards. On the left, what the girls gave out, stapled to a wafer and candy. On the right, the "we ran out of the big shaloch manos so here have a cute card with my kids on it" thing. Note the professional scissor work.

Packing up our gorgeous Target bag(TM) shaloch manos, each with a vodka cake, can of Blu, granola bar... and no cute poem or cute picture. Hey. It happens.
From the photoshoot for the pictures, on Tel Socho with the tormasim aka the closest thing to Texas Bluebonnets we have in Israel - and they are stunningly close in look and botanical identity (both in the lupinus family). True story: leaving yet another realtor back in 2002, I asked God for a sign that Ramat Beit Shemesh was where we were meant to live- and I then saw one of these babies, so much like my beloved Bluebonnets. Well played, God. Well played.

This was the one we used for the pictures.
My four year old, the bride. So proud. Depending on the day, she's either marrying her father, Machi or 'anybody' (which means 'nobody' to her).

At the seuda tonight. Sroch was a baby, which I don't seem to have a great picture of. On that note - 7 years ago today I was due with her. NUTS.
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Monday, February 18, 2013

On missing the kids, part one

I'm in a toy store looking for something to buy them, and I'm almost hysterical.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Vodka cake FTW

I just baked and used 24 eggs, over a liter of oil, 2.5 kilo of sugar... if it wasn't for the 2.5 kilo of flour I would swear it was Pesach... On the plus side, SHALOCH MANOS CAKES ARE BAKING, BABY!

So maybe some of the vodka got diverted from the recipe to me. I'll never tell. Hic.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Siddur party!

Well, it's official.

She's literate, and we've had the party to prove it. The 'siddur party' seems to be a fairly universal Orthodox celebration of a child's ability to read Hebrew well enough for davening.

Mine was in first grade, because only then did I learn to read Hebrew.
Sroch's is in first grade, because only then did she learn to read... period.

Regardless: so, so proud. Thank you Hashem!

A petite first grade of merely 100 girls. Sroch is 7th from the right, first row - and the only one chewing gum. Sigh.

During the long metaphorical dramatization of the Jew and the Foreign People on a boat. She's an Arab. I'm so proud.

She really IS that proud though. Yay!

She wanted to sleep with the siddur in her room tonight, because "it makes her feel safer."*

She said all her brachos on food from the siddur this evening, and shema at night too.**

Mazal tov! 

*Okay, a couple months ago she also told me she feels safer when she uses the toilet in my room. Anyway.


Munching on potato soup, Shulamis is explaining why she was too busy playing at lunch-time and forgot to eat.

Sroch turns to her four year old sister and says, "Llama, you're such a teenager."