Sunday, February 24, 2013


This year's Purim cards. On the left, what the girls gave out, stapled to a wafer and candy. On the right, the "we ran out of the big shaloch manos so here have a cute card with my kids on it" thing. Note the professional scissor work.

Packing up our gorgeous Target bag(TM) shaloch manos, each with a vodka cake, can of Blu, granola bar... and no cute poem or cute picture. Hey. It happens.
From the photoshoot for the pictures, on Tel Socho with the tormasim aka the closest thing to Texas Bluebonnets we have in Israel - and they are stunningly close in look and botanical identity (both in the lupinus family). True story: leaving yet another realtor back in 2002, I asked God for a sign that Ramat Beit Shemesh was where we were meant to live- and I then saw one of these babies, so much like my beloved Bluebonnets. Well played, God. Well played.

This was the one we used for the pictures.
My four year old, the bride. So proud. Depending on the day, she's either marrying her father, Machi or 'anybody' (which means 'nobody' to her).

At the seuda tonight. Sroch was a baby, which I don't seem to have a great picture of. On that note - 7 years ago today I was due with her. NUTS.
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