Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Siddur party!

Well, it's official.

She's literate, and we've had the party to prove it. The 'siddur party' seems to be a fairly universal Orthodox celebration of a child's ability to read Hebrew well enough for davening.

Mine was in first grade, because only then did I learn to read Hebrew.
Sroch's is in first grade, because only then did she learn to read... period.

Regardless: so, so proud. Thank you Hashem!

A petite first grade of merely 100 girls. Sroch is 7th from the right, first row - and the only one chewing gum. Sigh.

During the long metaphorical dramatization of the Jew and the Foreign People on a boat. She's an Arab. I'm so proud.

She really IS that proud though. Yay!

She wanted to sleep with the siddur in her room tonight, because "it makes her feel safer."*

She said all her brachos on food from the siddur this evening, and shema at night too.**

Mazal tov! 

*Okay, a couple months ago she also told me she feels safer when she uses the toilet in my room. Anyway.


Anonymous said...

Wow...we are so proud of Sarah Rochel and her Siddur, love Sabba and Savta

Anonymous said...

Mazel Tov what a wonderful milestone. Love Mom L